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This was KEY to my $1M digital product success...

January 08, 20243 min read

In case you don’t know a little of the backstory, here’s  a quick recap of how I began selling on Etsy and what the key was to my digital product success:

Problem #1: I had just had my fourth child (not a problem, just a life situation really, lol) 4 months before and was running my full-time POD and handmade sublimation tumbler Etsy shop

Problem #2: The shop was going crazy, 40-50 orders per day...but it was with handmade tumblers or personalized POD products, so I was spending 16-18 hours a day in between taking care of kids just to get the orders out...I never had time for spending time with kids or usually dinner..

Yes, the money was great (not complaining), but it was a hustle

Problem #3: With my growing family, it just wasn't sustainable and I was burning out

Have you ever felt like you're just spinning your wheels or a hamster on the wheel?

I was there, constantly worried about orders getting out on time and feeling really guilty with my family playing second fiddle and I was STRESSED out.


Then I decided to PIVOT

I thought, why not just go to the source and make the digital version of the product I'm selling....I knew the market, I just needed to learn the skills.

It wasn't overnight, but after lots of research and lots of trial and error I found my audience and this was truly my key to success. I really doubled down and studied everything I could about them from what they did with the products, how they used them, the different types of products and the styles and trends they connected with emotionally the most.

This turned into a group of loyal fans who wanted to keep buying from me over and over again which really eliminated my need for constant new traffic or worrying about growing competition.

After a few months, I was able to make more money in ONE month than I had with my physical products over a period of 3 months, all still while working from home with my kiddos on something I actually LOVED.

Digital Product Ideas

You probably feel the same way. 

You're seeking an enjoyable method of earning money that provides the convenience of working from your own space, giving you ample opportunity to cherish moments with your loved ones.

You aspire to achieve financial independence, enabling you to enjoy life according to your own rules, free from the constraints of a tight budget.

You are prepared to move beyond the traditional 9-5 routine, focusing instead on what genuinely matters in your life.


And it all starts with choosing the right audience and understanding who they are and what they need. A lot of new sellers get it backwards and choose the products first.

Instead, focus on identifying your prime audience and then carefully craft selected products for that customer which will get them to return to you over and over again.

I believe that this part of the Etsy digital product business journey is the most important part which is why in my new community, the 2nd week of each month, is dedicated to Audience & Niche Research and that's what we'll be talking about on Thursdays.

If you haven't heard, Digitally Purposed was changed to facilitate continual learning each week on the topics most new sellers face like audience research, how to find new trends, how to design with AI or commercial use graphics, and external marketing tactics.

Personalized shop audits are also included along with monthly PLR products for resell are just a few other benefits I've added.

It's not too late to catch the first training of the year on Audience/Niche Research since they are posted weekly on Thursdays and you can join here!

Happy researching!

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