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Top 7 Digital Planners to Sell on Etsy in 2024

January 28, 20243 min read

Digital planners have gained immense popularity on platforms like Etsy, and the competition may seem daunting. However, selling digital planners can still be a lucrative endeavor with the right approach. In this post, we'll explore the top seven digital planners to sell on Etsy in 2024 and how you can potentially earn $1,000 per week with these products.

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Aesthetically Pleasing Planners: Witchy Digital Planners

Creating aesthetically pleasing planners with a specific theme can capture the attention of potential buyers. Witchy digital planners, with unique sections like the wheel of the year, moon phases, birthday stones, love spells, and manifestation practices, offer a distinct appeal. Consider catering to different preferences within the witchy theme, such as spooky, cute, or wiccan aesthetics.

Tracker-Centric Digital Planner: Pregnancy Planner

Pregnancy planners and journals have demonstrated significant sales volume on Etsy, presenting a lucrative opportunity for digital product sellers. These planners cater to expecting mothers, offering features like prenatal vitamin logs, doctor appointment logs, birth plan organizers, hospital bag checklists, and various trackers for pregnancy milestones and symptoms.

Stress-Relieving Digital Planner: Wedding Planner

Weddings can be stressful events, and a digital wedding planner can provide essential organization for soon-to-be brides. These planners typically include monthly and weekly views for planning tasks, checklists for the ceremony and reception, packing lists, guest lists, and event planning sections.

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Unique and Supportive Digital Planner: ADHD Planner

ADHD planners are widely popular for providing an alternative to traditional planners. Incorporating elements of social proof, such as recommendations from ADHD coaches, therapists, or personal experiences, can enhance the appeal of these planners.

Green-Themed Digital Planner: Digital Garden Planner or Journal

For individuals with a passion for gardening, a digital garden planner or journal can be a valuable tool. These planners often include plant logs, garden organizers, plant and seed information, essential to-do lists, and seasonal checklists.

Business-Oriented Digital Planner: Small Business Planner

Small business planners cater to solopreneurs and small business owners, aiding in task management, financial planning, marketing strategy, and customer targeting. These planners offer a range of features, including tracking business expenses, creating budgets, and planning marketing activities.

Educational and Organizational Digital Planner: School Planner

School planners are designed to assist students in managing their academic responsibilities effectively. They can include features like productivity trackers, note pages for classes, goal-setting sections, grade trackers, and wellness pages.

In conclusion, the digital planner market on Etsy presents numerous opportunities for sellers to create niche-specific products that cater to the needs and preferences of various target audiences. By understanding the unique requirements of potential buyers and crafting highly specific digital planners, sellers can potentially generate substantial income through Etsy sales.

I hope this list helps you build an additional income stream on Etsy with digital planners! Etsy has truly been a life-changing experience and business for me, so I wish you all the best. If you’re interested in learning more, check out my blog, YouTube channel, or community for all the best-kept secrets on starting and building a successful digital products business.

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