My "Why"

1. I believe in helping people

  • One of my main purposes in life is to help others.

  • I have seen tremendous success on Etsy and my goal is to help others see the same success.

  • It fulfills me to help others by providing knowledge and insight where I have expertise and I just love teaching :)

2. I do not believe in "saturation"

There are millions of shoppers on the Etsy platform every single day.

Every day, 1000s of new buyers start shopping on Etsy.

There were thousands of shops in my first digital product category/niche and I still was able to see major success in a very short time. It's just about setting your products apart and implementing proper marketing strategies.

3. While I was still able to see success fast, had I had the exact steps to implement I have now, there would have been zero time wasted.

For a while I pieced together information information I found on YouTube leading to shop management that was poorly executed.

I know I am one of the only people who teach my "automation" strategy to never worry about traffic currently because most shop owners "post and ghost" their listings and hope for success and then wonder why they never grow.

I have the exact steps for success, all you have to do is follow them and implement.

What people are saying:


What if I don't see results?

After launching several of my own digital product shops with this framework, teaching my students how to create their own - we know what works and what doesn't. If you follow the step by step strategies, you WILL get results.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, once you register for the program, no refunds are offered under any circumstances. Please make sure you are 100% committed!

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