👀Does this sound like you?

🖥️ You know you want to create your own digital products, but aren't sure WHAT to create or find trending product ideas that will sell

💼 You dream of being your own boss but need a proven way to make that happen.

🏙️ You think that the Etsy platform is oversaturated and way too competitive for you to stand out as a new shop.

✈️ You want a second stream of revenue so you can take that vacation, pay off extra bills & just simply do what you want when you want.

🎨 You believe you need digital design experience in PS or Illustrator to create products.

🧲 You have no marketing experience and are scared you won't be able to attract customers.

🤔What if things could be different?

What if you didn't need any fancy design skills or tech experience?

Forget Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator! I'm definitely not a "designer" and don't pretend to be. I show you exactly how I create designs in seconds with simple AI prompts.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you knew how to find the most profitable digital product audiences and products that you can easily enter the marketplace with?

No, this does not take weeks of research :) Learn the correct way to find profitable audiences & digital products with low competition so you can as soon as possible.

What if you never had to worry about traffic or competition again?

Learn how to keep your customers back again and again on autopilot, ensuring loads and loads of traffic to your shop daily without spending money on ads or putting in any extra marketing work. This is all thanks to a system I put into place, called my "The Automated Traffic Circle"

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

Hi, I'm Bailey, and just a few short years ago, I was pregnant with my third child and was trying to figure out how we were going to make it work with two in daycare so I could go back to my 9-5....

Turns out it would have cost waaay more to pay for daycare and so it was better for me to stay home; HOWEVER, now we had no extra income and we were stressed...

So I started down the YouTube and blog rabbit hole of side hustle opportunities trying everything from Amazon to Dropshipping to Kindle eBooks to blogs and everything else in between... achieving nothing but time wasted and money lost.

Then I found Etsy and while I had my first two big wins (more than my 9-5 job in my first year) with handmade products & print-on-demand products, but I wanted something more passive and scalable as I was now pregnant with our unplanned 4th child and filling orders was going to be next to impossible :)

Enter Digital Products: I took a leap of faith and went all in on digital products, a $3 tumbler wrap to be exact and within 3 months of listing these types of products hit $15,000 in sales in ONE month without ads or external marketing!

I thought if I could hit $15K a month with these products what would happen if I automated a lot of the work and built a loyal group of customers who would keep making repeat purchases again and that is how I double and even tripled my monthly income withing the next 6 months.

During the past year and half, I've been able to make over 360,000 sales with a $3 digital product on the Etsy platform on my original shop and digital products remain the cornerstone of my business. As a top 0.1% Etsy seller, I know a few things about the digital product business and I'm so excited to teach others the fastest way to a seven figure business with my automated audience strategy!

P.S. Since I'm a mom of 4, my strategies are all about working smarter not harder as I have zero time for 'fluff' & methods that don't work! :) I am able to run this six figure Etsy shop in about 2.5 hours a day with the help of smart automation tools so I can just focus on designs!

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:

Digitally Purposed

The 10K/Month Digital Product Profit Formula

A TRULY unique "coursemunity"

My start-to-finish course & group coaching/community is designed to equip you with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to succeed with your Etsy digital product business and reach 10K+ per months just like I did:

This is PERFECT for you if you want to create digital products like clipart, digital papers, tumbler wraps, SVGs, printable wall art, coloring pages, checklists & guides, and printable or digital stickers, digital planners, laser engraving files, etc. to sell on Etsy. There are 1000s of digital products out there!!

3 Monthly Payments of $187

💫FLASH DISCOUNT AVAILABLE! Use the code TAKE30 to take 30% off!💫


A One-Time Payment of $497

Here's a look at what's inside + everything you get with The 10K/Month Digital Product Profit Formula:

And, in case you were wondering, I'm not a guru or anyone special and unlike most other course creators, I actually do show my own shop and use specific examples from it because I believe in collaboration over competition and proof of concept and results.

  • Choosing Your Most Profitable Audience (who should you sell to?)

  • AI Product Creation (Design what sells)

  • How to Get Sales (the Automated Traffic Circle)

  • Sales & SEO Tactics & Launching

  • Nurture & Grow (What to Do & When)

This step-by-step course is everything I did to reach 10K/m in a few months which follows my proprietary framework, the "Automated Traffic Circle"

Estimated Time to Complete the course: Less than a day.

Time to Implement & See Results: Will vary based on your ability to follow the strategies and create products.

You'll also receive access to the private Community to continue your learning with monthly new trainings & get support:

  • A private community dashboard with dedicated channels for all topics

  • Live Monthly Q&A Group Coaching Call

  • Weekly new trainings on the most relevant topics

  • Personalized Shop Audits (can be requested every 3 months!)

  • A collaborative community dedicated to supporting each other

  • Access to Bailey via the community for any questions

This is what makes Digitally Purposed so uniquely different than any other traditional course out there!

Not only to you have a start-to-finish roadmap for selling digital products on Etsy, you also receive continued new trainings monthly, shop audits, live group coaching, & daily Q&A support from Bailey, all dedicated to help you succeed!

This is not for you if...

  • You are looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme - While you can make a substantial income, your success will depend on your ability to implement the strategies I teach, your consistency and dedication.

  • Are not into research - finding profitable products that are in demand does take a bit of searching, but I do show the most efficient ways to find them

  • You think you are an awesome designer with loads of marketing experience - This is for beginners who want to learn my methods of how I went to 10K months in 3 months the non-traditional way without a design background.

  • Needs lots of motivation to follow through on the provided strategies - While I do believe a positive mindset is needed to succeed in anything, this is not a mindset or motivational course, it is a very "straight to the point" course on the exact strategies I've implemented to see continued success with multiple shops

  • You don't want to build a sustainable, long-term brand committed to serving your customers consistently.

If you are looking to see results like these then it's time to invest in yourself and learn from someone who has been down the road and has perfected the research, creation and automation process of creating a digital product business on Etsy!

*Results are not typical or guaranteed as the average person does not make money online because they either fail to start or give up because they do not results results quickly.


How to run Etsy Ads profitably and jumpstart your store.
(a $57 value)

The "No Sales Checklist". Implemented everything, and still crickets, work through this checklist as a guide to see if you're missing anything.
(a $27 value)

An additional 170 digital product ideas in 17 categories in case you just don't have an idea of the type of store you want to create.
(a $27 value)

The Ultimate Hybrid Audience Guide for Hobbies/Occupations - Volume 1-2

(a $47 value)

The "Hybrid" Shop Method Module - Build a POD + Digital Shop with your most profitable audience.
(a $147 value)

My Exact Etsy Shop Digital Product Business Planner & Calendar (this is how I design products & run my shop in 2.5 hours/day)
(a $27 value)

The Fastest Way to Get Sales on Etsy WITHOUT 1000s of Listings Workshop
(a $97 value)

Go beyond YouTube & get access to my "coursemunity" and finally build your profitable digital product Etsy business

Lifetime Access.

Digitally Purposed: The Digital Product Profit Formula

💫FLASH DISCOUNT AVAILABLE! Use the code TAKE30 to take 30% off!💫

3 Monthly Payments of $187


A One-Time Payment of $497

My "Why"

1. I believe in helping people

  • One of my main purposes in life is to help others.

  • I have seen tremendous success on Etsy and my goal is to help others see the same success.

  • It fulfills me to help others by providing knowledge and insight where I have expertise and I just love teaching :)

2. I do not believe in "saturation"

There are millions of shoppers on the Etsy platform every single day.

Every day, 1000s of new buyers start shopping on Etsy.

There were thousands of shops in my first digital product category/niche and I still was able to see major success in a very short time. It's just about setting your products apart and implementing proper marketing strategies.

3. While I was still able to see success fast, had I had the exact steps to implement I have now, there would have been zero time wasted.

For a while I pieced together information information I found on YouTube leading to shop management that was poorly executed.

I know I am one of the only people who teach my "automation" strategy to never worry about traffic currently because most shop owners "post and ghost" their listings and hope for success and then wonder why they never grow.

I have the exact steps for success, all you have to do is follow them and implement.

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