The Top 25 Free Digital Products To Sell Online for 2023 (+ the 6-step AI process to 10x your digital product business income) and Where to Create Them

Meet Bailey :)

Etsy Digital Product Seller and Coach

Bailey is a top 0.1% Etsy seller and coach who now helps others create digital product businesses resulting in scalable passive income.

She was able to make over half a million dollars in revenue within her first 6 months of opening new digital product shops and implemented strategies to automate a majority of the business and now runs several digital product shops.

She is a mother to 4 small children, so she believes in working smarter, not harder in order to maximize her work time as efficiently as possible and now teaches others to do the same.


Create an 'Eco-system' so you never have to worry about traffic or competition again

Work Smarter, Not Harder and Automate How You Get Traffic and Beat the Competition Even in Competitive Digital Product Niches

I was not a "designer" (so get that out of your head) and nor do you have to be to create profitable digital products on Etsy, just the knowledge of how profitable products are found along with what the buyer wants, combined with creating a system that automates your traffic for you 24/7.

How I can help you

Digitally Purposed

The Start-to-Finish Etsy Digital Product experience that focuses on how to build a "mostly" automated system & brand that generates traffic and sales without worrying about competition or marketing. Questions are always encouraged within the FB Group for continued support as well as new ideas/templates/trainings provided.


Stuck for Digital Product Ideas?

Grab this free list of the top 25 digital products for 2023 and where to create and sell them here.


Headline that hooks people in, gets them excited and makes them want to sign up.

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