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20 Digital Products to Sell on Etsy in 2024 and Make a Full-Time Income

December 11, 20239 min read

“The Digital Product industry is limitless when it comes to the types of products that can be created, you are only limited by your own imagination..."

Coming from an Etsy seller who has sold handmade physical items, to POD (print-on-demand) products and finally to Digital products solely, digital products are hands-down the best type of product to sell on the marketplace. They are created once and depending on the type of product, can be done so in minutes. Once they have been listed, it is simply a matter of promoting the product.

Buyers also love digital products because it is usually affordable, we're talking the $15 and below priced printables (though there are definitely "high-ticket" digital products) so it is an easy "sell" and people love be able to access their files over and over again to download/print if they need to.

In my shops, I primarily sell digital design downloads for sublimation and printable planners; however, the opportunities are endless as for the types of digital products you can sell and you do not need design or techy software experience to create them. Basically, anything that can help someone or provide enjoyment can be turned into a digital product and sold on Etsy. My list will include some of the most popular digital items as well as my own favorites and where I recommend you create them. My seller referral link will be below to get you started with 40 free listings if you have already up your Etsy shop!
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With that said, here are 20 Digital Products to sell on Etsy in 2024👊

1. Digital Cards

Don't just think Christmas Cards for this one. Cards are needed year around and for all kinds of occasions. Happy Birthday cards, Mother's Day cards, Father's Day cards, condolences cards, congratulatory cards, graduation cards, etc. People love these because it allows them to print as many as they need for their mailing list instead of just what is usually sold in stores in packs of 10 cards. The can very easily be created in something like Canva or Kittl if you do not have a digital design background.

2. Digital Papers and Patterns

Crafters and journaling buyers are always on the lookout for new background papers they can snip and add to their projects. A common Etsy shop practice is bundle a few patterns in a specific theme so they can purchase a few that coordinate with each other. Creative Fabrica is a wonderful and affordable place to find commercial use designs and clipart to be used in your pattern designs and I would still create them in Kittl as it is extremely user-friendly even for someone like me with no digital design background.

3. Sewing/Crochet/Knitting/Embroidery Patterns

Sewing, crocheting, and knitting are becoming wildly popular again and if you are a master at one of these crafts you should definitely be selling your patterns if you are able to make them!

4. Wedding Invitations and Announcements

People get married every day, all day, every year. This types of designs in this category is endless because everyone always has a different theme and they constantly change from year to year. If I was creating in the category, Canva would be my go-to!

5. Website Design Templates

Maybe your career is in the field of some type of IT or software development (definitely not one of my strengths). Website templates are up and coming on Etsy with relatively low competition so now would be a good time to enter this market. I would also consider this a "high-ticket" digital item since most I've seen on Etsy seem to over the $100 dollar mark.

6. Printable Meal Planners

It seems a new diet or eating trend comes out every day and buyers continue to search for meal planners to simplify their busy lifestyles and shopping habits. Meal planners could even be created easily on a free platform like Google Docs, though if you wanted to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing, I would go with, you guessed it, Canva.

7. Fonts

This is something I've always wanted to learn to create, but alas the time to do everything is not there. :) Fonts do very well on Etsy and other great marketplaces like Creative Fabrica or Creative Market.


8. Real Estate Marketing Materials

In my keyword research searches on Erank and Everbee, my two most favorite Etsy keyword research tools, I've seen such a huge surge for phrases related to printable and digital marketing materials for real estate agents. These would also be very easy to create in Kittl!

9. E-Books

Do you have any type of knowledge or specialty others would like to learn about? Write an e-book about it! There are so many skills people overlook and don't believe people would pay to learn about and a quick search for e-books on Erank led to quite an interesting result, here are some of the top results:

credit repair ebook
jewelry ebook
wire crochet ebook
overcome anxiety ebook
recipe template ebook

25 digital products

10. SVG Files

SVG files are a type of design file to be used with cutting machines like the Cricut and can be text-based only if you wanted to create simple ones. Many SVG creators use programs like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

11. Printable Coloring Pages

Busy parents are always looking for crafts to do to keep kids entertained and the ability to print out as many coloring pages with just one purchase is super helpful. Try to create a themed bundle of coloring pages as these seem to do the best on Etsy. If you have any type of artistic talent, Procreate would be an option or you could combine commercial use elements from Creative Fabrica if you don't know how to draw, like me :)

12. Printable Planners

Everyone needs a planner for almost anything you can think of, fitness, meals, self-care, small business, real estate, teacher, etc. The list is endless which is why planners do so well on Etsy. Canva is the place to be for printable planners, but know that the templates included on the platform cannot be sold as is. If you don't know where to start, try a PLR (private label rights, ready to uses or edit and re-sell) bundle of templates. This is the one I use on one of my own shops and I can say they are the BEST and have saved me thousands of hours of work. I simply open in Canva, edit to my brand or type of product I need and re-sell. This will save you loads of time! It's called the Secret Weapon for a reason :)

13. Printable Wall Art

Many people will say this one is saturated; however, I disagree as there is always a new trend on the horizon and art created for it. In 2022, we saw the rise of retro fonts and colors and designs and the printable wall art category exploded. Keeping on top of rising trends with tools like Erank or Everbee will help you stay ahead of the game with this category! And as usual, I have always created my printable wall art in Canva.

14. T-Shirt or Sweatshirt Designs

Since the rise of Print on Demand on Etsy, the need for digital designs specifically for apparel has dramatically increased. If you are good at researching and following trends, designing t-shirt designs for POD sellers could be the one for you since this revolves around picking up on what's on trend at the moment. If you are not a designer, I would highly recommend checking out Kittl. Though the templates that are prebuilt are not allowed to be resold as is, you can modify/edit and add in assets to make your complete design to sell. You can also read the license to fully understand the how to use policy for digital designs. Since I've started using Kittl, it's been hard to stop, it is completely addicting and so user-friendly!

15. Airbnb Welcome Book Template

This one was green across the board when looking at the numbers in Erank (meaning it's definitely a winner, there was high search volume, high click-through rate, and low competition!) This particular product seems to be on an upward trend since the rise of Airbnb and VRBO and people seemingly prefer renting houses vs. hotels.


16. Chip Bag Template

I had to throw this one in there just because I thought it was funny that this was such an in-demand product, but it goes to show you that the possibilities are endless with the types of digital products you can create. If I were creating something like this, I would build an entire store around party-themed necessities that could be printables.


17. Resume Templates

These are a staple of the digital product industry and the search volume and competition will be based on the type of program the buyer wants the resume template in and as a creator that means there are several options to create in such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Canva, etc.

18. Bible Journaling Printable

Theses are a highly sought after digital product on Etsy because buyers are always looking for new pages to add to their Bible journals. You could create ones around certain topics or verses and these are usually very simple designs since they are text-based with lots of space for the user to add their own thoughts.

19. Christmas Ornament Designs

While this item is mostly seasonal, the amount of traffic and sales it brings in during the last three months of the year could be a full-time income. You could even step it up a notch and crush the competition by offering personalized ornament designs as new couples and buyers with brand new babies love these types of options, though you would need to dedicate more time fulfill these orders or have a VA help during this time.

20. Mini-Courses

This one is kind of like an e-book, but maybe instead of writing about your particular area of knowledge, you are better at video or screen recording. Either way, the min-course industry is booming on Etsy, especially in the craft and handmade niches.

I hope this list gave you lots to think of and hopefully get you started on your own research phase and opening up your own successful digital product shop in 2024. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide, be sure to check out Digitally Purposed.

Our community, Digitally Purposed, is different from anything out there. Not only does it lay out a step-by-step guide to launching and marketing your digital products business and helping you overcome common misconceptions, it also has one of the best private support communities dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

Plus, we have weekly training on the most requested topics like marketing, design tutorials, niche research, along with live Q&A calls and new PLR products!

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Selling digital products online requires constant learning and we'd love to support you!


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